Saturday, January 27, 2007

C4 Youth Camp-out.


Well, We Just spent the whole weekend with about 40 teenagers! It was a mighty fine time. all of it except the part where I had to preach. I'm not much for preachin. My Passion is to Disciple guys, and Evanglize, not Preach. Wes is the Preacher on the team. Anyway, Garcia (the C4 leader) wanted the youth leaders take the reigns and host the entire camp except for the preaching, and they did a GREAT job! Bien hecho Chavos! We had a great time out at the Campfire Playin Praise songs and singin (always a highlight), in the Kitchen (always a highlight), at the Coffee Pot (always a highlight for ME!), and in the BED tryin to get some sleep over the snorin of our two, wore out, little Wild Ones. Yes, I got to bring the family along as well! I was as happy as they were! If you dont know, we are Missionaries in Monterrey, Mexico, A city of 'bout 7 million people. any chance that we have to LEAVE the city, we do, with joy in our hearts! We went to a place called "Sierra Linda" (Pretty Mountains. not to be confused with the hills of Bether!) up close to "Cola de Caballo" (the horse tail waterfall) and we did some worshipin! Our kid's loved it! 'cept for the busted lip, bruises, and such. My Beautiful wife was in her element. All she lacked was a couple of Tarahumara to talk with. She is my Beautiful Mountain Woman! If ya wanna see more Picts., go to our photo album.

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