Saturday, January 27, 2007

Dinner with the Brazielanos!

There is a new couple at Church. there are Josias, Vivian and Atuor. they are from Brazil and are here working for un Impressa Brazilano. I asked the last night how the church was treating them and they said quote: "We have never been treated better in any other church in any other country. they make us feel so loved!" Gracias Senor JesusCristo! Gracias IBUC! Work well done! we will get together next week for a Brazilian cook out which they will do here at the house. That will be a treat! Josias is a Programer for some company here in Mexico. Their Company has rented out a Hotel room for them for a year (No KITCHEN!), so, we are inviting them to the house every week to eat some good ol' home cooked Mexican Food! Maybe we can learn some Portuguese. Vivian will give birth here in Mexico in Late January. they still don't know what they are having, but we gave them the name of our Baby Doc. and they will go soon. They are gonna love Mexico!

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