Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Xalapa Recon...

Well It's about time! Yes, I have been away for a while. I will be in and out throughout the summer but that just how it goes in my line of work! I just returned AGAIN from Xalapa! Wes, Miguel, and myself went down for two days to meet with the Elders of IBUC Xalapa to Plan a Mission trip for this Summer. It turned out Awesome. We got the Business part knocked out and then we went on a Food bindge! Food is such a wonderful part of the Mexican Culture! we ate at the best dang steak place in Mexico. It's called Asadero Cien. the Trail Dust ain't got nothin on them! Actually, I would rate them EQUAL! Thats High talkin from me, as I haven't found a steak house ANYWHERE that can come even close to the Trail Dust (the one in Aubrey, Texas that is...my home town.). Los Antojos were Awesome! Great little place with a wonderful "ambiance" (thats a big word for me). I ate @ the Rotunda back in 04' & it was mighty fine eatin back then.


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