Saturday, July 21, 2007

FoxNews Update!

Dearly Beloved!

How are ya ll?! Sorry, its been a while since you have heard from us. I have had some Computer problems. My real Lap top is sitting in Denton waiting for me to come pick it up. The screen burnt out on it and we had to have it replaced. A lot has been going on since we last talked.

My Wife had been called to Dallas to take her citizenship test. She passed the test with a 100%, but they didn t give her, her citizenship! They are still looking it over and they will get back to us . yup, root canals and dealing with the Government go hand in hand. Please pray that the LORDS WILL be done in this situation and that we would rest in HIS perfect work.

IBUC Jalapa, Vera Cruz: The whole BlackJack family took a trip down to Jalapa, Vera Cruz last month. We have a sister church there in Jalapa and we went down there to visit them, encourage them, and help out in whatever way they needed. I got to put my painting talents to work as I painted the church. We hosted several dinners there at the House that had been loaned to us, and really cultivated some deep relationships. The church has been around for about 7 years and they have about 40 steady members and three Elders/Pastors. Please Pray for the Elders as they deal with leading the Church of Christ.

My Wife is 71/2 months along and we will probably have her here in Mexico. Yes, I said her! Her name will be ???????? ! The Kids are thrilled to death to be having a little sister! They are getting ready for her by playing Mom & Dad almost every day complete with cooking, burping the baby, changing the diapers, nap time, and of course Play time! We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little girl! Placy s due date is Aug. 18-23. Please Pray that our baby would be born Healthy, Beautiful, Strong, and Perfect. Please pray for my Wife to have a smooth uncomplicated birth with as little pain as possible.

IBUC Monterrey: All is going well here in Monterrey. I am still meeting with my guys. I have lunch with Isaac tomorrow for the first time in a month! I have missed him! The Mission in Saucillo is still going well. We have not been able to go in the last two month due to weather, but the forecast is changing! It s been really neat watching he IBUC Monterrey discover their heart for missions. The missions is almost all Mexican led with some council by me every once and a while. One of our faithful guy s in the mission is a 4th year medical student that wants to be a Missionary in the Middle east. His name is Hector Rocha. We are meeting every week to do some praying a Small Bible study and some fellowship around the table. We have much to discuss as I have walked in the path that he want to go.

The BlackJacks in Denton: Yes, that s right! We will be coming back home for a few weeks in January. It s for a DBC missions event. I ll let you know more when I do. So, We will be having a get together at DBC in the near future. Just like last year, but this time NOT at CHRISTmas. Please, Please, Please, send us your family pictures so we can pray for ya ll.

Our Support: Please Pray for our Support. After three years in the field, it seems to be dropping down. Please pray that the LORD might send us new, dedicated, monthly, supporters. GOD Bless you all, we will see ya ll in January, I GOD so wills it.

The BlackJack Family

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