Saturday, July 14, 2007

Just in from Xalapa!

Wow. whatta a time. the BlackJack Clan just returned from a month in Xalapa, Vera Cruz Mexico. It was Awesome! The Church was awesome, the people were awesome, the Clima was awesome, the house was awesome & the food was awesome. EVERYTHING was awesome. We went down to encourage and help out in any way, our sister church there in Vera Cruz. I will always cherish my time there with Pastor Sergio. A genuine, great, funny, godly man. Also my time with Pastor Julio, I will never forget. It was so good to see BlackJane & Erica (Julios Wife) hit it off and start a wonderful friendship. It was awesome to see the Little BlackJacks hit it off with their kids. Great times with Selva (yes thats her name! it means Jungle!), Rauol & Carmen, Sergio & Eda, Cesar & Vicky, Rene & Abril, Lupita, Liz, juan Carlo, Deborah... we have fallen in love with our church & the People of Xalapa. Special thanks to Cesar & Vicky, for spending 8 hours with us in the little town of Naolinco, shopping for that special purse(s) for my wifes birthday! We cried all the way home because we didn't get to eat any of Dona Vicky's shrimp soup (hot as Fire!), but we quenched our tears in the Ocean there at the Lazy little town of "Casitas". the surf was good, the sand clean, and the sun HOT! My Kids will never forget their first time at the beach.

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