Saturday, January 27, 2007


Home. It's a strange Concept. You are born in a place, grow up there, and it's "Home". then sometimes you move away and you are always talking about "Home" then when you go to visit, it just isn't "Home" anymore. Well, we went "Home" for Christmas (Chihuahua) & New years (Denton) and it just didn't feel like "Home"anymore. Don't get me wrong, not a bad felling of "Home", just different. I guess if you have always lived in one place all of your life you wont understand. But that's O.k. Two years ago we moved to Monterrey, Mexico and somewhere in that time Monterrey became "Home". We had a great time in Chihuahua & Denton but now, we are HOME!

We Hope Ya'll had a Great Christmas & a wonderful New Year!

Blackjack & the Fam.

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