Thursday, August 9, 2007

Bar-B-Q WHAT????

Alright, ya know that silence that comes to the table sometimes? your eating and just not thinking about talking much and then all of the sudden you see somethin with a lable on it and you pick it up and start reading it, right? Well the fam. was at a sit down dinner eating all the bbq Pork they would wrap their lips around (thus the reason for the unsual silence), when all of the sudden I see the lable for this certian brand of bbq sauce. so I pick it up and start readin. Well now, this WAS my favorite bbq sauce in the whole wide world but not anymore. can anyone tell me what in the world HALF of those ingreidents are?? LORD, no wonder we are dying off from cancer like never before!
Speaking of BBQ, I ran across this AWESOME web site the other day that tells you how to make your own brick Smoker. I pray that the LORD might bless us to own some land someday so that I might build one of those for the Betterment of mankind! Now Please be warned. lookin at that web site can produce the sin of Envy. Be Careful! How I love cookin Bar-B-Q, and makin biscuits!


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